Send Feedback

Contact us if:
  • You find a bug
  • You have an idea to make the site better
  • You're bored
You can also come chat on IRC!

Fix Bugs/Add Features

If you're handy with python/javascript/css feel free to take a look at the code on github.

Take a look at our to do list to see what needs doing, or add something we haven't even thought of yet!

Contact Artomizer or DavidWinters on IRC if you need a hand getting started.

Find More Images

We're always in need of more images for the site, but there are a couple important criteria that must be met:
  • Images must be appropriately licensed.
  • Images must be high quality and a decent resolution.
If you've found or taken pictures that meet the above criteria let us know and we can add it to the data entry backlog.

Data Entry

When new images are found they must be uploaded, categorized, and attributed. It's pretty tedious work, but the site wouldn't exist without this data.
We currently have a pretty big backlog of images ready to be uploaded, so if you'd like to help please contact Artomizer, who will be your best friend forever.

Thanks for looking!